Behavior ModificationBehavioral Modification programs are designed to work through severe behavioral problems. Many dogs suffer from anxiety, fear, and dominance which can lead to aggressive behaviors. A Behavioral Modification Program is specifically designed for each individual client and their needs. When dealing with severe behavioral issues, patience is the key. These programs are scheduled with a minimum of 6 weeks boarding and training; however, additional time may be needed depending on the severity of the dog’s issues. Our Behavior Modification program includes 4 in-home training sessions after the completion of the boarding and training portion in order to help you rebuild the confidence you need to have with your dog.

Does my dog need Behavioral Modification?

Behavioral Modification is typically designed for dogs with severe issues. Some dogs will not do well in a regular boarding and training capacity and should be worked with at a slower pace. The best way to determine what program is right for your dog is to consult our office.

My wife found an abandoned puppy at the end of our street two years ago, and the last thing we needed around the house was another dog. We knew this little, black pup would grow to a very large dog, so we did our best to find a rescue home, but found no takers. As time went by, this little pup grew into a monster (picture a cross between a great dane and a pit bull) but he gradually worked his way into our family and our hearts. We named him Godric, and it didn’t take long before things were out of control. The list of Godric’s bad behavior is too long to mention here, but let’s just say he was more than a handful. We’re just lucky we still have hands at all. I have some experience with obedience training, so I worked on some basic commands, but Godric needed much more than sit and stay… he needed reprogramed. We wasted a lot of money on a couple of “dog trainers” (at least that’s what their business cards said) that came to our home, but I learned that most trainers can’t get past the basics of sit and stay. We needed someone to reprogram the dog’s brain!

We found Christine and Hilton at K-9 Bootcamp, and after a long telephone call with Christine, we decided they had the actual experience and credentials to make a big difference in Godric. My wife and I had to think about the cost of the program after wasting hundreds of dollars on other “dog trainers”, but decided to cut our losses, and make the investment in our big, angry dog. I can say we have been very pleased with the results of our investment. Godric returned after an extended stay with Christine and Hilton, a different animal (no additional charge for the additional reprogramming time necessary for our very special Godric). He no longer has the fear aggression that would make people fear for their lives. He is now much calmer, obedient, and happy. We are now able to take all three of our dogs out for runs (off leash), and I have complete control of Godric. He is able to get the exercise the big guy needs that he couldn’t get on leash walks around the house. Now that he is able to release his energy, he is much calmer and better behaved in the house. I need Hilton to make a home visit to teach Godric to wipe his feet before entering the house, but I believe we made a good investment with Christine and Hilton. I just hope the reader will remember that “you get what you pay for”, and avoid wasting money on trainers that printed up some business cards. Your dog may sit, but you’re in trouble if he eats one of the neighbor kids.

– Gary and Penny Holt, Plano, TX

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