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Puppy Training in North Texas

Owning a puppy is a lot of fun! But it is also a lot of work. Puppies come pre-programmed with skills to be a dog not a family member. They follow a completely different set of social rules than humans. They are not aware that they can’t go to the bathroom wherever they want. They are endlessly excitable and friendly – but don’t understand they cannot jump on people or playfully bite. It takes training to teach them how to show their love the right way. Our puppy training program helps North Texas residents get past the wild puppy years successfully. We focus on puppy manners by reshaping their natural instincts. We introduce basic commands and by doing so, we prime them for more advanced training down the road. We also focus on their socialization skills with other dogs, adults, children, and small animals. If you have have a puppy that could use some refinement, we recommend enrolling in our program.

Dog campout at Hilton Butler in DFW

How We Approach Puppy Training

A very important step in owning a puppy is beginning training as soon as possible. Our Puppy Campout is designed for dogs ages ten weeks to six months. This program aspires to condition puppies to accept crate training, housebreaking training, learn basic commands, be well-mannered, and socialized. Socialization is crucial for all dogs. We begin with a 3-week boarding and training program. You will drop your puppy off at our home and we will start training. After we complete the boarding portion of our program, we invite you back to where your part in the training begins. We will teach introductory dog psychology, proper reinforcement, and maintaining obedience levels.

Enjoy Our Ongoing Training Program

Follow Up Training is an integral part of our training programs. That’s why we complement our program with post-training resources. Our training program is unique because it includes in-home lessons after the completion of the boarding and training portion. We include four follow-up lessons applicable at any point in your dog’s lifetime. The programs include a comprehensive training manual, weekly reports, and unlimited Zoom Video Lessons with our trainer. Our complete approach to puppy training will make your life easier and help the happiness of your puppy as they grow into an adult dog.

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