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Behavior Modification for Dogs in Dallas Fort Worth

If your dog displays fear, anxiety, aggression, or dangerous behavior towards family members or strangers, you need to consult a professional dog trainer. An experienced dog trainer will provide training and corrections to establish new rules and behaviors. Without quick intervention, your dog’s behavior can worsen and result in someone becoming injured. At Hilton Butler, we have been providing effective, confident training and behavior modification in Dallas-Fort Worth to dogs of all ages and breeds since 2005. To learn more about our behavior modification techniques for dogs with severe aggression, fear or anxiety, call us today.

Our dog trainer walking a Siberian Husky on leash in DFW

What Is Behavior Modification for Dogs?

Behavior Modification Training is designed for dogs with severe aggression, fear, or anxiety.  These dogs usually display behaviors such as biting (breaking the skin), growling, snarling, snapping, charging, anal gland expression, or uncontrolled bladder when frightened.  Behavior Modification should consist of correcting unwanted behaviors, redirecting to desired behaviors and reenforcing the new behaviors.  Each client is different and therefore how we get to those steps will be different.  Dogs who are aggressive from dominant traits will need clear, concise rules to follow and correction and redirection when they are not followed.  Dogs with severe anxiety or fear need confidence building and to learn new coping skills rather than the ones they are currently displaying.  Trainers specializing in behavior modification for dogs use tools and techniques specifically designed for anxious, fearful, and aggressive dogs. Rather than allowing the dog’s behavior to escalate to the point where it becomes a hazard to friends and family, a dog trainer will establish boundaries and teach the dog clear rules that limit and eventually eliminate the dog’s previous negative behavior pattern. Hilton Butler has 20 plus years of experience in police K-9 handling and was an instructor for the Department of Defense Dog Training School. He uses dog psychology to lay the framework for changing aggressive, fearful, or anxious dogs’ behavior patterns and establishing trust.

What Does Behavior Modification Involve?

At Hilton Butler, our behavior modification for dogs with fear or anxiety involves confidence building techniques and clear expectations which will allow your dog to relax knowing that you are in control and that they know what the expectations are.  We accomplish this through a variety of ways including obedience training, agility training, and lots of socialization.  We will work to teach your dog new coping skills and stop unwanted behaviors. Your dog will be trained onsite at our home and facility during our six-week boarding program. When your dog comes back home to you, we will provide four in-home training sessions to give you the tools you need to establish and reinforce positive behavior at home. Our behavior modification techniques for dogs include:

  • Kennel/crate training
  • Obedience training
  • Firm and consistent correction of unwanted behaviors and redirection to desired behaviors
  • Establishing rules and timelines for potty training and mealtimes
  • Applying dog psychology and years of experience in K-9 police dog training to establish boundaries, correct behavior, and reinforce rules

Frequently Asked Questions About Behavior Issues

Hilton Butler has successfully trained thousands of dogs and has a very high success rate. Once we have completed our behavior modification therapy and your dog is ready to go home, we will provide you with a training manual that outlines the Dos and Don’ts of continuing this training at home. We want to provide you with all of the tools you need for a successful transition back into the home environment, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have about our process.

It depends upon the individual dog, its home environment, and its life before it came to you. Common causes of behavioral issues include fear, anxiety, stress, improper training, trauma, bad habits, abuse, medical or physical issues, and lack of proper socialization with other dogs or humans. We will work closely with your dog during it’s time at our boarding program to determine the underlying cause of the behavior issues so we can move forward with a training plan.

Our Behavior Modification Program begins with a minimum of 6 weeks of boarding and training however it could take longer. This depends on a wide variety of factors, like the severity of the behavioral issues, the underlying cause of the behavioral issues, your dog’s age and temperament, and how long the behavior issues existed before seeking training. We can provide the proper training and behavior modification during our boarding program, but you will also need to reinforce this training consistently and firmly at home when your dog returns.

When your dog stays with us at our home for our six-week behavior modification training, we will be working consistently with your dog on establishing boundaries, correcting bad behaviors, and redirecting to new desired behaviors. Our immersive dog training program has such success because we want the best life for your dog just as you do. We are consistently working with your dog in a variety of atmospheres and situations.  Once we complete our boarding and training portion of the program, we will begin our work at home with you.  Your program will include 4 in-home lessons to continue your dog’s training and ensure that you are comfortable with the plan in place. The behavior modification plan will only work if you continue it at home using our training techniques and training manual.

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Call Hilton Butler for Behavior Modification

Call Hilton Butler right away if you’re prepared to start your dog’s adventure with our behavior modification training program. We know how stressful and disruptive it can be when your dog exhibits behavioral issues. We want to provide you and your dog with the tools for success, so you feel comfortable maintaining our dog behavior modification training in your home. Our goal is to stop unwanted and aggressive behavior and then provide you with the resources you need to continue this behavior modification training. To learn more about our behavior modification techniques for dogs call us or contact us online.

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