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Experienced Dog Training Programs for North Texas Pet Owners

We are a family owned and operated dog training company located in Farmersville, Texas. We have been helping and serving North Texas dog owners for over 15 years. At K-9 Bootcamp we bring your dog into our home to learn how to be an obedient, well-mannered, and socialized family member. We offer boarding and training programs for dogs of all sizes and ages.

High-Quality K-9 Training From an Experienced Professional

Hilton’s military career set the stage for his expertise as a trainer and provided access to a side of the dog world few ever see or even know exist. This understanding and appreciation of the dog/owner relationship hits home with even the most novice dog owner. Hilton Butler has spent over 15 years perfecting programs that not only train the dog but the owner as well. His goal is to educate owners on not only what to do but why it should be done. Our K-9 Bootcamp programs are perfect for your dog. Enroll today.

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