Basic Obedience FAQs:

Puppy FAQs:

Advanced Training FAQs:

Behavioral Modification FAQs:

Puppy Recruiting FAQs:

What do I bring?

You are welcome to bring your dog’s crate or we can provide one for you. We also ask that you provide one bag of food and we will replace it with the same product if needed. By keeping their diet consistent we will minimize upset stomachs. We will provide bowls, toys, leashes, treats and blankets during training.

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Can I visit my dog?

Unfortunately due to the short amount of time we have for training we do not allow visits while going through the training program. We will provide a weekly update via email with your dog’s progress. You should also feel free to call and ask any questions that you have during the program.

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What are “Doggie Manners”?

Doggie Manners includes but is not limited to: nipping, biting, jumping up on people, jumping on furniture, running out open doors, greeting people properly, socializing with other dogs, socializing with children, barking, whining, chewing, and other destructive behaviors.

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How much is an Evaluation?

All evaluations are free of charge.

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Will my puppy forget me?

The beautiful thing about dogs is that once you are “pack” you are “pack” for life! Your puppy will not forget you and will quickly recognize you upon your return. This will be obvious to you on graduation day when you witness your puppy’s excited greeting when you arrive.

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What about potty training?

Potty Training requires reasonable expectations. No – your dog will not be able to have complete freedom in your home immediately upon his/her return. House breaking is based on consistency.

We will establish a good routine for your dog based on your family’s schedule. Your puppy will have the knowledge necessary to be successfully house trained (with a little practice) upon their return. Freedom must be earned not given. We will teach you easy to follow guidelines in order to ensure your puppy’s house training success.

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Are E-Collars bad?

No, E-Collar if used properly are amazing training tools. Used improperly as punishment they can quickly destroy a dog’s confidence and trust in the handler.

We do not promote using anything to cause fear or injury to a dog. E-Collar collars should only be used with proper training and understanding.

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Where do I find an E-Collar?

We recommend and use E-Collar Technologies Mini Educator, Lady Einstein, and The Boss which can be found in our store.

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I should be involved in my dog’s Behavior Modification training, right?

Your Behavior Modification Program includes 4 in-home lessons after the boarding and training portion is completed. Dogs with these severe issues can be unpredictable while going through their training programs therefore we feel it is best to begin the training with a boarding and training program so that the training is done in a controlled setting. You will be involved in your dog’s training at the appropriate time.

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Is training required with the Puppy Recruiting Program?

No – it is not required. We would love the opportunity to continue working with your family in a training capacity but it is not a requirement of this program. If you choose to, your puppy or dog can come directly from its previous location and go directly into training to avoid developing bad habits and manners. Or if you prefer, your new addition can come home and get acclimated and then return for training at a later date. However, you are not required to utilize any of our training programs if you choose not to.

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