Our Puppy Campout Program is designed for dogs between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months. This program focuses on puppy manners. Our job at this age is to reshape your puppy’s natural instincts. In the wild, your puppy can go potty wherever he pleases, chew on whatever he pleases, and destroy whatever he pleases. We need to reshape those instincts to fit into our human homes.

We will work with your puppy to establish good crate training habits, a solid housebreaking routine, introducing the basic commands, developing good manners like no jumping, nipping, or chewing, and most importantly we will socialize your puppy with adults, children, and other dogs. This is a vital part of our puppy training so that your puppy can learn to live and interact properly in your family.

  • 1 Crate training
  • 2 Housebreaking
  • 3 Puppy Manners
  • 4 Basic Obedience
  • 5 Socialization
Puppy TrainingUpon completion of the boarding portion of this program you will return to our location for your first lesson. At that time we will review everything your puppy has learned and answer any questions that you may have. We will address basic dog psychology, proper reinforcement (both positive and negative), and show you how to maintain and increase your puppy’s obedience level.

Your program also includes 4 additional follow up lessons for you to utilize during your dog’s lifetime. These programs also include our comprehensive Training Manual, weekly reports and video lessons.

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Enhance your dogs interaction with you and others.